24 Hours Home Visit Doctor

Call 24 Hours Doctor to Your Location

Call 24-hour doctor service helps you and your family to get home care / home visit doctor service that will come to your location.

Home care / home visit doctor service is available for 24 hours and the closest doctor to your location will arrive to your home.

Our doctors have an officially medical certificates and are experienced in providing home care and home visit service.

The doctor will give an examination first, provide a diagnosis and medical treatment (if needed), as well as medical prescription.

The entire doctor's procedure is carried out directly at your home / location in accordance with the applicable health procedures.

We are also in a partnership with more than 400 K 24 Pharmacy networks throughout Indonesia, so the medicines prescribed by our doctors will be delivered directly to your location through K 24 Pharmacy.

Contact Medi-Call 24-hour Call Center for further information to know more about home visit doctor services.

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