24 Hours Home Visit Doctor

Doctor Service Fee

Doctor Visit Cost

Medi-Call provides on call doctor to your home. The nearest doctor service from your location is available for 24 hour. The information below is doctor visit cost:

Distance Fee

Indonesian Citizen / Foreign Citizen

- FREE for distance fee less than 5 KM

- IDR 10.000/KM for distance fee more than 5 KM

Doctor Fee

- Indonesian Citizen: IDR 200.000 / visit

- Foregin Citizen: IDR 400.000 / visit

Procedur Fee

- Procedure service fee will be charge to patients.

Further information, please contact 24 Hour Medi-Call Hotline.

Payment Method

Payment can be settled directly to Medi-Call Doctor comes to your home.

Insurance Payment

If your insurance covers outpatient, you can settle payment through your insurance.


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