Caregiver for Your Parents at Home

Medi-Call Caregiver is a trained health worker experienced in treating patients / elderly with stable conditions and no special treatment required. Within certain limits, our caregiver doesn’t treat patients with certain medical conditions and isn’t responsible in taking off and set medical tools on patients.

Our Caregiver Services:

- Help hygiene needs (bathing, changing pampers, oral hygiene, defecating, and urinating)

- Help nutritional needs (eating and drinking)

- Accompany patients to control medical check up

- Help patients to exercise

- Help patients with medical tools (only giving food and drink via NGT and removing urine bags)

We provide caregiver for parents who meet the needs of patients with a period of daily, weekly & monthly. We also provide infal caregiver (substitute) for Holidays (Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Christmas & New Year).

Contact the Medi-Call Hotline for further information about the nearest Medi-Call caregiver service directly at your location.

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