Newborn Baby Nurse at Your Home

Medi-Call newborn baby nurse is handled by midwife who has a Registration Certificate (STR), a Practice License (SIP), a certificate of training for mother and baby care, and well-experienced. The role of baby nurse is to support novice parents to take care of their babies, especially babies in one to two months. The presence of a baby nurse also helps to minimize the occurrence of trauma to infants and families.

Our Service

Baby Spa:

- Baby gym

- Baby massage

- Baby swim

- Baby sunbathe

Umbilical Cord Care:

- Baby sunbathe

- Baby massage

- Bathing the baby

- Umbilical cord care

Healing Massage

- Special massage for babies who experience cough / runny nose / bloating / difficulty in defecating / fuss

Relaxing Massage

 - Basic massage for babies without certain complaints

Baby Care Support:

- Overseeing the baby

- Preparing food and drinks for the baby

- Bathing the baby, changing clothes, and cutting baby's nails

- Accompanying and taking care of the baby, ensuring the safety and comforting the baby

- This service is available in daily, weekly and monthly that can be adjusted to your needs

Mom Massage:

- Special massage for pregnant women or after giving birth

Lactation Care:

- Special massage for nursing mothers

- Oxytocin massage

- Breast compress

- Breast massage

We provide baby nurse service that can be adjusted to the patient’s needs in a period of daily, weekly or monthly. Contact Medi-Call Call Center for further information regarding the prices and the nearest Medi-Call baby nurse service directly at your location.

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