Jasa Perawat Lansia di Rumah Anda

Medi-Call Elderly Nurse is handled by nurses with a Registration Certificate (STR), a Nurse Practice License (SIPP), home care training certificates, and well-experienced nurses. Elderly or geriatric nurses are responsible to take care of the elderly in a range of 60 years or above, both in healthy and sick condition.

Our Elderly Nurse Service:

- Help to overcome the disruption of patient discharge (urinate)

- Help to overcome patient's nutritional needs

- Help to overcome security problems and elderly safety

- Help to overcome elderly hygiene measures

- Help to overcome rest/sleep disorders

- Help to train muscle and joint movements

- Help the interpersonal relationships through communication

- Help to overcome the problem of self defense (coping) and anxiety

We provide elderly nurses to meet the needs of patients with a period of treatment daily, weekly or monthly. Contact Medi-Call Hotline Center for further information about the nearest Medi-Call elderly nurse service directly at your location.

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