24 Hours On Call Nurse Service

Nurse Service Fee

Nurse Service Cost

Medi-Call provides nurse to your location for home care & elderly nurse, wound treatment & baby care . The service is available for daily / weekly / monthly. The information below is home care service cost:

Distance Fee

Fee includes a service package

Nurse Fee

- Indonesian Citizen: starts from IDR 100.000 / visit

- Foreign Citizen: IDR 300.000 / visit

Procedur Fee

Fee includes a service package

Package Service Fee

Package Service is available with competitive prices for Baby Care, Home Care Nurse, Caregiver, Elderly Nurse, and Wound Care.

Further information, please contact 24 Hour Medi-Call Hotline.

Payment Method

cara pembayaran perawat

Insurance Payment

If your insurance covers outpatient, you can settle payment through your insurance.


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