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Treatment & First Aid for Animal Bite Injuries

First aid for animal bite injuries is must-known procedure for people who have high-risk exposure of rabies. Rabies or also known as “Mad Dog” disease is an acute infection of the central nervous system caused by the rabies virus. This disease is transmitted by animals to humans through the bite of an infected animal, such as dogs, monkeys, weasels, stray dogs, and cats (Data Center of Indonesia’s Ministry of Health, 2014).

The earlier symtopms for person who get infected by rabies are paresthesia, muscle pain, itching sensation in the wound site, hallucination, sore throat, fear of light and water. Therefore, what should I do when get bitten by infected animal? Below are the steps that should be taken if you are bitten by an infected animal:


The first thing that can be done when you are bitten by an infected animal is to thoroughly wash the wound area with soap or detergent under running water for 10-15 minutes. This is done because the virus is sensitive to alkaline.


Apply an antiseptic such as povidone-iodine or 70% alcohol on the wound or the licked/bitten area.


See a doctor immediately for further treatments.

The nearest doctor will diagnoses the wound and give you the further treatment, for instance Anti Rabies Vaccine or Anti Rabies Serum (Human Rabies Immunoglobulin).

Contact 24 Hours Medi-Call Hotline / Call Center to get treatments for animal bite injuries with the nearest Medi-Call doctor directly at your location.

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