Rabies Vaccine for Humans: Learn How It’s Important to Get Vaccinated

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Rabies vaccine for humans is a vaccine that functions as a deterrent against rabies virus.

Rabies is a disease caused by the rabies virus, the virus is transmitted through the bite or saliva contact of an infected animal. Humans are at risk of developing this disease if bitten by an animal infected with the rabies virus, for example, dogs. At first, rabies shows no severe symptoms, but if left unchecked it could lead to death. Therefore, this disease can not be ignored, it is necessary to take precautions such as giving rabies vaccine for humans. People who have a high risk of having rabies are recommended to be vaccinated. This group of people includes animal farmers, veterinarians, laboratory workers or researchers dealing with animals, and other professions that make direct contact with animals. In addition, rabies vaccine for humans is also recommended for travelers who are traveling in areas with a high rabies exposure, such as Bali.

If you got bitten by an animal suspected of carrying the rabies virus while traveling in Bali, you can book vaccination service and get a rabies vaccine for humans through Medi-Call Application. Doctors will come to your location and perform the vaccination.

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Medi-Call: Rabies Vaccination Service

Rabies Disease

Rabies is an acute infectious disease that can spread to the central nervous system caused by the rabies virus. This virus can be transmitted through animal bites to humans. Animals that have the possibility to carry the virus include dogs, cats, monkeys, raccoons, bats, and other warm-blooded animals. Infection can also occur through licking/saliva contact of infected animals on injured human skin. This condition cannot be underestimated because if the virus has reached the brain and nervous system, it will possibly cause death. Therefore, rabies vaccine for humans is necessary.

Rabies Vaccine for Humans

There are two types of rabies vaccine for humans. First is the Anti-Rabies Vaccine (VAR) and the second is Anti-Rabies Serum (SAR). Anti-Rabies Vaccine (VAR) is a vaccine that has a function to stimulate rabies virus-neutralizing antibodies. The vaccine can be given for rabies prevention / before exposure (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and to people who are already infected with the virus / after exposure (post-exposure prophylaxis).

On the other hand, Anti-Rabies Serum (SAR) is a passive immunization, It will immediately neutralize antibodies before the immune system is ready to produce its own antibodies that occur 7-14 days after VAR is given. Usually, SAR is given once at the beginning of vaccination. If SAR is not given at the beginning of vaccination, it can still be given until the 7th day since the initial vaccination. SAR injections are necessary if the bite wound is deep or has to be sewn. SAR is composed of Rabies Immunoglobulin. It has a purpose to activate the immune system in the body and produce antibodies to neutralize the rabies virus. SAR is given to patients with high-risk wounds, such as patients with multiple wounds, wounds on the dermatome areas, and deep bite wounds or scratches contaminated with animal’s saliva. SAR can give protection for 7-10 days before the antibodies emerge.

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In addition to prevention, rabies vaccines are very important for humans already infected with the rabies virus. The aim is to prevent the virus from spreading and cause the condition to get worse. Generally, the rabies vaccine for humans is given 4 times within 21 days to people who have never been vaccinated. For people who have been vaccinated before, they are only given twice in 3 days. Before getting vaccinated, make sure to thoroughly wash the wound area with soap under running water for 10-15 minutes and apply povidone iodine after being bitten by an infected animal.

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Medi-Call: Rabies Vaccination Service

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