Treatment of Bali Belly: Learn the Symptoms and How to Cure it

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Treatment of Bali Belly generally involves drinking plenty of water and paying more attention to hygiene, especially when it comes to food and drink.

Bali’s natural beauty has made the island a holiday destination favored by many local and foreign tourists. Every year, foreign tourists and travelers come to Bali to enjoy its stunning views and exotic culture. However, because of factors like climate and hygiene, tourists often get sick once they’re in a new and unfamiliar environment. One of the foreign tourists’ biggest problems, when they’re traveling to Bali, is Bali Belly. This term is very popular among foreign tourists because many of them often experience this sudden illness when they’re in Bali. Therefore, travelers are suggested to learn more about the treatment of Bali Belly so they can continue to enjoy their trip.

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What is Bali Belly?

Basically, Bali Belly is just another name for diarrhea or other stomach or digestion problems. This illness usually attacks foreign tourists and travelers when they’re visiting Bali and can occur at any time during a trip. Generally, symptoms of Bali Belly will show 1-10 days after consuming the contaminated food or drink. Symptoms of Bali Belly begins with fever and stomach cramps, then sometimes followed by vomiting and diarrhea with blood. The infected person will also feel weak due to the lack of fluids. 

The main cause of Bali Belly is water and food that are contaminated with bacteria such as salmonella, escherichia coli, and shigella s. When visiting a new place, trying out local food is a must for most travelers, including foreign tourists traveling in Bali. However, Indonesia has a humid climate, which makes the bacteria develop much faster, especially in food. Furthermore, most foreign tourists are not used to how the food is served in Bali. They haven’t developed the same immune system as the locals, so it’s normal when their body reacts badly to the food there. 

Other factors that may cause Bali Belly are hygiene reasons, such as how they process, store, and serve meals, which may not always have the best sanitation standard. These reasons have a great contribution to the spreading of bacteria in food and can be the cause of Bali Belly. Treatment of Bali Belly should be taken to prevent the condition from becoming worse.

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Treatment of Bali Belly

A person infected with Bali Belly may feel weak due to the lack of fluids caused by diarrhea and vomiting, therefore the patient must get enough hydration as the main treatment of Bali Belly. To get rid of Bali Belly, consider these options below for the treatment of Bali Belly so travelers can continue to enjoy their trip:

  • Fluid infusion / IV Therapy

Bali belly or traveler’s diarrhea will cause dehydration, a person with this condition must get rehydration as soon as possible. The best way to get rehydration quickly is by getting fluid infusion or IV therapy. This medication will help the healing process faster.

  • Drink water

Just like diarrhea, the best treatment of Bali Belly is to drink lots of water. However, it is advised to only drink clean and safe water such as bottled water, filtered or boiled water. Drinking plenty of water can also help reduce the risk of dehydration caused by diarrhea.

  • Coconut water

Another way to cure Bali Belly is to drink coconut water. Coconut water is known to help cure Bali Belly, as it has a lot of minerals to replace the fluids that are lost due to diarrhea and vomiting. Moreover, coconut water can also help rehydrate a person’s body and boost the immune system. Just make sure to get clean and safe coconut water, or packaged coconut water is also fine.

  • Oral rehydration drinks

Drink oral rehydration drinks to replace lost salts and minerals.

  • Avoid alcohol, spicy food, and dairy

It is important to avoid alcohol and spicy food. Consumption of dairy should also be limited as these foods can make the condition to get worse. Instead, eat easily digested foods such as bananas, apples, soups, rice, bread, and porridge.

  • Antibiotics

Take antibiotics to kill the bacteria, but only if it is suggested and prescribed by a doctor.

  • Go to a doctor

Immediately seek medical care and see a doctor for further treatment of Bali Belly.

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In addition, don’t drink tap water, don’t drink with ice (to avoid the risk of ice being made using tap water), and always wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer before eating to avoid Bali Belly in the future. If symptoms of Bali Belly appear, consult or book a doctor to your location to have further treatment of Bali Belly. If you experience dehydration, get Infusion / IV Therapy service to your location through Medi-Call application or contact Medi-Call Hotline at +62 81210783387.

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