Vaccines for Foreigners in Bali : How Do You Get It?

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Have been deciding on a trip to Bali? Here’s some information on vaccines for foreigners in Bali and how do you get it?

Bali has finally been opened since the last time the pandemic took over.

Without a doubt, international and domestic visitors may visit the destination without any worry.

But Indonesia’s regulations still obligate you to to take vaccines and PCR tests to make people feel safer.

With this in mind, the Bali provincial government decided to develop vaccination programs.

It all happens to embrace the re-opening of Bali.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a local or a foreigner, the government still wants you to get the vaccines eventually.

As for international visitors, you can also take vaccines for foreigners in Bali through a different procedure.

If you’re not able to choose the right time to get the vaccines, Medi-Call may service you with optional vaccines even in Bali.

Please consult with the Medi-Call Doctor through the Call-Center or use the Medi-Call Application.

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Vaccines for Foreigners in Bali

In order to get to Bali, everyone must obey the protocols and policies.

It is later known that vaccines for foreigners in Bali are not only meant for Covid-19.

There are several important routine vaccinations that you should pay attention to.

The Bali government suggests visitors to receive the vaccines before the trip.

And these are the types of vaccines that’re recommended so that it comes in handy :


  • Hepatitis A
    The illness usually spreads through contaminated water and food.
    It may also spread through physical contact with the one that carries it.
    Since the virus can be spread through ways, the doctor usually recommends you to get the Hepatitis A vaccination.
    As the virus is connected with the most common travel illness, then you shall get one!
  • Rabies
    Rabies is one of the most dangerous illnesses that may happen anytime.
    Previously, there have been outbreaks that occurred in Bali between 2008 and 2010.
    Those years were the period when bites from dogs happened to cause the rampage.
    Since then, the local government has been obligating their people and visitors to tighten the health and travel needs in rabies vaccination.
  • Influenza
    And the final vaccination that doctor may suggest you is the influenza.
    The influenza vaccination shall occur before traveling to Bali.
    It shall happen to prevent sudden change in common illness generally.

    By getting the vaccines, you have already gotten the protection from the flu while traveling to Bali.

Please make sure to pay attention and obey the health protocols.

And you don’t need to be confused especially with the doctors and vaccination business.

The Medi-Call provides you a home-service that also comes with vaccination that can come up whenever you need it.

You may contact us through the Medi-Call Doctor through the Call-Center or use the Medi-Call Application.

vaccines for foreigners in bali, medi-call


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