Bali Entry Requirements 2022 : What You Need to Know?

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Are you planning a trip to Bali? These are the information about Bali entry requirements 2022 that you need to know!

The amount of requirements added are meant to tighten the applicable protocol.

Yet, it’s not as complicated as you thought it would be.

Recently, the president of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has stated that Bali is gradually welcoming International tourists.

The improving situation was making the decision possible.

Thus, with the Bali entry requirements 2022 the Indonesian government currently has high expectations.

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Bali Entry Requirements 2022

The new rules in Bali entry requirements 2022 still corelate with the pandemic.

The choice will have to revive the country’s tourism since the pandemic era.

So in order to go worldwide, you have to do at least vaccines or PCR even if you go to Bali.

Also, the regulations added into the Bali entry requirements 2022 correlate with the pandemic.

Therefore, here are some regulations that you need to know before booking your flight to Bali :

  • Visa
    It all depends on where you are from since the Bali Visa has its own requirements for countries outside of ASEAN.
    Same rules as for the travel purpose, and the length of stay that you are on about.
    Some ASEAN countries allow their people to get in without the need of visa, but they’re obligated to leave within 30 days.
  • Vaccines & Quarantine
    Travelers and tourists who are fully vaccinated are allowed to not have a quarantine without the PCR test.
    On the other hand, unvaccinated travelers can only enter if they have a situation that requires them not to get the vaccine.
    And the following person must have a medical statement letter from the doctor that prohibits them or medically exempted.
  • PCR Test
    If travelers are showing symptoms or an increased temperature, then the obligation of taking the test is on.
    Also, the doctor will put them in quarantine session
    The quarantine will last until an unknown amount of time before the test is out.

    However, there’s no need for PCR test anymore before the arrival to Bali.
    The test is meant to make sure that no one’s infected even after the pandemic subsides.

Be sure to follow the rules and protocols applicable in your country.

The regulations revolve in order to achieve mutual convenience.

Last but not least, if either you or your family member ever suffer from a sudden ache while in Bali.

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bali entry requirements 2022, medi-call

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