The Risk of Getting Infected by Monkeypox in Bali

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Ever decided to visit Bali? Is there any risk of getting infected by monkeypox in Bali?

It all happens as a result of the first monkeypox case in Indonesia that was identified in Jakarta.

With that being said, Bali airport is currently installing at least six thermal scanners.

So the risk of getting infected by monkeypox in Bali have been a conversation for a while.

All passengers or newcomers shall pass the examination of temperature to get in.

Monkeypox will infect a person through virus that makes your body produce lots of nodules in every area.

The early symptoms that you may feel after the infection are very common that you will mistakenly consider it as a normal disease such as high fever and headache.

Remember that the symptoms will last two to four weeks.

And of course, the rashes will start to appear gradually after your condition worsens.

With this in mind, people usually ignore the monkeypox because the symptoms that they feel are not threatening.

So the risk of getting infected by monkeypox in Bali may have been above zero percent.

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The Risk of Getting Infected by Monkeypox in Bali

Although there are no cases reported, the risk of getting infected by monkeypox in Bali is still quite real.

Compared to Covid-19, the monkeypox is very much curable even though there is currently no cure but a vaccine.

After recovering from monkeypox, your body will leave a few marks just like ordinary pox.

The virus is very much spread through close physical contact from one another.

Hence, you may acquire it without knowing that you have.

The doctor can only decide the diagnosis through PCR, since other examinations such as antigens etc would only put the virus in disguise as other related.

Following the amount of cases that occured around the world, here are shown how the monkeypox can infect an individual :

  • Direct contact
    It includes every physical contact such as hugging, kissing, etc.
    As soon as you come into contact with the infected person, the virus will enter your body through their body fluids, rashes, and even scabs.
    Personal belongings from the infected one such as clothing, towel, or even bedsheet may also contain the monkeypox virus.
    So if you are having a vacation in Bali, might as well to ask for new bedsheet etc since the risk of getting infected by monkeypox in Bali is being watched.
    To avoid touching affected surfaces or fabrics, you must be much more watchful and defensive of yourself.
    If so, it is best to take a bath right away after coming into contact with the sick person.
  • Animals
    Well not only humans, but the infected animals can also transmit the disease by being bitten or scratched.
    The virus may infect you after consuming the meat of dogs, rabbits, or even cows that contain monkeypox within. So if you are currently living in Bali, you have to be cautious of what you are eating. The risk of getting infected by monkeypox in Bali may rise if you do not wary.
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Therefore, monkeypox is not something that we can underestimate.

Though, the risk of getting infected by monkeypox in Bali is unavoidable.

You should do anything to prevent yourself from getting infected by the monkeypox.

But if you ever find yourself unwell, it is better to call the Medi-Call doctor before it worsens.

The Medi-Call doctor is ready to come anytime into your house by using the Medi-Call application or just contact us through the Call-Center.

risk of getting infected by monkeypox in bali, medi-call

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