Best Hangover Cure Food Travelers Should Know in Bali

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Best hangover cure food is the one that contains carbohydrate, potassium, antioxidant and water to overcome the body reaction towards alcohol intake.

Are you travelling in Bali right now? Then drinking alcohol is highly unavoidable as there are a lot of bars in Bali. But you should also be careful of what comes after the drinking, which is hangover.

Hangover, also called as alcohol intoxication, is the state you usually find yourself in after the consumption of alcohol. It usually comes out as a symptom of nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and dehydration. If you are currently having these conditions after taking alcohol, you might be having a hangover. If that’s the case, you should know the best hangover cure food in Bali you can consume to make it better.

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What Does Hangover Do to Your Body?

Before we find out about the best hangover cure food, we should first understand what actually happens to your body during a hangover. There are factors that cause you to feel the symptoms of hangover. These factors happen as a reaction of your body to the ingestion of alcohol. So, what exactly happens to your body when you get a hangover? Here are the answers:

  • Lower Blood Sugar

When you consume alcohol, your blood sugar level decreases. When your blood sugar decreases, the fuel that your brain needs is lacking and causes fatigue and headaches. 

  • Higher Blood Pressure

Do you feel a headache when getting hangover? That may be because of your blood pressure rising from drinking alcohol.

  • Oxidative Stress

Another effect of drinking alcohol that happens to your body is oxidative stress. It is a condition that may lead to many diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

  • Dehydration

This is probably the most obvious thing that happens to your body when you are having a hangover. Alcohol intake will make your body dehydrated and in need of fluid. While taking care of other factors, you might want to at least maintain your body fluid in a healthy level so you don’t get other symptoms from being dehydrated such as dry mouth, sunken eyes, and lack of energy. If you are in Bali and not sure what to do, you can get an IV hydration service to your location at Medi-call by booking a doctor at Medi-call Call Center +62 81210783387, or you can consult a doctor via Medi-call application.

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Best Hangover Cure Food Based on Each Causes

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In addition, we also have a list of best hangover cure food that you can find easily to make your condition better. Basically, what you consume during a hangover will have an impact on making it worse or better. Below are the best hangover cure food you can decide to consume in order to overcome the reactions you fell as mentioned before:

  • Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate is what you need in order to resolve the problem of your blood sugar. Foods that contain carbohydrate will give you blood sugar that will help fuel your brain and ease the headache. Wheat toast is a good source of carbohydrate. It is also fairly easy to look for in Bali. Sometimes the hotel you are staying at can provide this meal as a breakfast menu. 

  • Potassium

In order to lower your blood pressure, the best hangover cure food you need is the one that contains potassium. You can get it from either banana or avocado. Both are also easy to find fruits in Bali.

  • Antioxidant

Antioxidant is important for your health in the long run because it can prevent more dangerous diseases if you consume foods that contain it. Spinach, berries, and pomegranate are the popular choices among the suppliers of antioxidants.

  • Hydration

In order to overcome dehydration, basically you need a lot of water. But, you might want to consider coconut water as it is easier for your stomach to take and also provides you with potassium and antioxidant.

  • IV Fluids

This one is not exactly the best hangover cure food that you can ingest through your stomach. However, it is also a very good choice to recover from a hangover as it can certainly help you to fulfill your body needs without the risk of getting an upset stomach. IV fluid therapy also has a lot more benefits.

Hangover is not something you can easily avoid except by not drinking too much or maybe not drinking at all. But when you do get it, basically, the best hangover cure food you can get is the one with the capability to overcome the reaction of your body to alcohol ingestion. Luckily, in Bali, the best hangover cure food you need is quite easy to find.

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