Be Cautious! Heart Disease Occurs Often to Foreigners Who Spend Their Time in Bali

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Heart disease occurs often to foreigners who spend their time in Bali, how so? You may not want to sit this one out, so better stay to see what lies inside this article.

It does not matter if you have been to Bali or not, when you hear the word Bali it will remind you of the most visited place whether for tourist destination or the locals.

It is not an open secret that those who visit the place know how the lifestyle is.

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, there are so many countless cases of heart attack that happened in Bali.

The cases mostly occurred through the risk factors of consuming too much food that has a lot of cholesterol such as pork.

Not forget to mention that foreigners really like consuming alcohol that speeds up the metabolism within one’s body and blood circulation.

It may triggers a heart attack just by consuming it constantly. But shall not be worried, you may point a doctor by calling our Medi-Call doctors services through the Medi-Call app or the 24-hour call center.

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Heart Disease Occurs Often to Foreigners

The disease can also be classified as myocardial infarction, it happens when a part of the heart does not get enough supply of blood so the heart muscle will be damaged even worse if it is left untreated for a long time.

The blood flow needs to be treated properly in order to restore it and keep the heart safe.

But you need to pay attention to what you are on about while spending time in Bali since the lifestyle is really free, and most of the cases that happened were foreigners.

There are various causes of the disease such as :

  • Tobacco
    Smoking lots of cigarettes may trigger high blood pressure and damage the arteries, and it will head to the heart in no time.
    So if you are a smoker, there is no shortcut to recovering from this so you may start by reducing the dose through times. 
  • High Cholesterol
    Consuming foods that contain huge cholesterol in it can also be the cause of the disease.
    It is not prohibited to eat this type of food, but you need to see more about what is the disadvantage of consuming it for a long time.
    Cholesterol will narrow your arteries and certain blood fats will increase the risk.
  • Diabetes
    When your body does not produce enough insulin hormone, the blood sugar will rise out of control.
    The body that produces insulin hormone cannot use it correctly due to the amount of glucose that overwhelmed flows in the blood and corrupts the whole blood circulation and finally triggers a heart attack.

Those are the causes of heart attack that can help you keep it away.

But if you ever feel a sudden discomfort within your chest, you can try to remember how you have been living those past few days.

If the pain is starting to get worse, it is better to get a doctor to your home by contacting Medi-Call through the application or you may contact us from the 24-hour call center to get proper handling.

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