Got Bitten by an Infected Animal? Learn the Rabies Symptoms in Humans

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Rabies symptoms in humans should be taken seriously. The virus can spread to the brain and if the infected person does not get treatment quickly, the result can be fatal. 

Rabies virus is transmitted by a bite from an infected animal, the virus can only enter into injured skin.

Rabies symptoms in humans usually appear around 4-12 weeks after the person is bitten by an infected animal. 

Early symptoms include fever, muscle weakness, tingling sensation (paresthesia), and headache.

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Rabies Disease

Rabies is an infectious disease that can spread to the brain and nervous system, this disease is considered very dangerous, as it often leads to death.

The spread of the rabies virus to humans occurs through animal bites, scratches, or saliva contact through the wound or mucous lining.

Besides dogs, other possible animals that can carry the rabies virus and transmit it to humans include cats, raccoons, ferrets, monkeys, bats, cows, horses, and goats.

When rabies-carrying animals bite humans, the virus will start entering blood vessels and spreading in the body.

Slowly, the virus will reach the brain and becomes the cause of severe inflammation of the brain and spinal cord.

This inflammation can be risky and can potentially cause death in an infected person.

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What are Rabies Symptoms in Humans?

Early rabies symptoms in humans usually appear on an average of 35-65 days after a person is infected. 

In most cases, early rabies signs and symptoms in humans may seem similar to flu, such as fever, headache, and feeling tired, thus, it may be difficult for many people to distinguish.

The time before the appearance of rabies symptoms is called the incubation period and can occur faster or slower depending on other factors.

Below are the other common rabies symptoms in humans:

  1. Paresthesia, muscle pain, and intense itching sensation in the wound site;
  2. Hallucinations;
  3. Nausea;
  4. Vomiting;
  5. Loss of appetite;
  6. Sore throat which leads to difficulty in swallowing;
  7. Anxious;
  8. Insomnia;
  9. Excessive drooling;
  10. Fear of light;
  11. Fear of water;

Generally, a person will not immediately feel any symptoms, but a few days after being bitten by an infected animal some symptoms will begin to appear, these symptoms include rheumatic pain and paresthesia in the bitten area.

People who are infected with the rabies virus will also feel itchy, even sore in the wound site.

Common rabies symptoms in humans include high fever, chills, fatigue, muscle aches, difficulty swallowing, and insomnia. 

Other rabies symptoms that follow are hallucinations and anxieties, people infected with the rabies virus may experience confusion, hallucinations, and certain anxiety disorders. 

If the patient does not get quick treatment, these symptoms can cause the condition to get worse, even leading to death.

If a person is bitten by an animal suspected of carrying the rabies virus, it is advised to immediately see a doctor for further treatment. 

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