Rabies Vaccination for Travel to Prevent Transmission While Traveling

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Rabies vaccination for travel is recommended for travelers going to high-risk areas, for example, Bali, as prevention against rabies.

Generally, most people agree that traveling to a new place is a fun experience and gives them pleasant memories, especially if you’re going to other countries with friends and family. However, before going abroad, travelers should do research first about the destination that they’re about to visit. Some countries are more vulnerable to spread certain diseases. Therefore, foreign tourists can get infected easily because their immune system isn’t ready to prevent it yet. For example, Bali has many rabies cases due to dog bites. This condition has created great concern among foreign tourists coming to the island. However, do not let your trip be ruined because of infections and viruses. With the right treatment, travelers can still enjoy their stay. That is why it is advised to get a rabies vaccination for travel before going to high-risk areas of rabies.

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Medi-Call: Rabies Vaccination Service

What is Rabies?

Rabies is an infectious disease that is transmitted through animal bites, the disease is caused by a virus called the lyssavirus. Most rabies transmission cases are caused by dog bites. Other than dogs, rabies virus can also be found in animals such as cats, skunks, raccoons, bats, and foxes. A person is considered infected with rabies if they are bitten by a rabid animal. If this happens, further medical attention should be done quickly, such as receiving rabies vaccination so the virus doesn’t spread to other body parts. It is advised to get vaccinated as soon as possible because if the infected person waits too long, the virus will start entering the brain and cause death. Therefore, if you are bitten by an animal infected with rabies, do not take risks and find a doctor or medical help immediately. In addition, getting a rabies vaccination for travel before going abroad is also recommended to prevent transmission.

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Rabies Vaccination for Travel

Travelers have to be careful when traveling to developing countries, especially if it has a high risk of rabies. As a prevention against rabies, some preparation should be done before traveling abroad. It is recommended to consult with a doctor or the health department in your city about your travel plans. Try asking them what are the risks of rabies and rabies vaccination for travel that might need to be done before traveling.

There are two types of rabies vaccines depending on the condition, the first is vaccines to prevent (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and the other is given after a person is exposed to the virus (post-exposure prophylaxis). For people with high exposure of rabies (zoo workers, veterinarians, and people living in high-risk areas of rabies), getting 1 booster dose once a year and every 3 to 5 years is suggested. To prevent rabies, here are the doses that should be given:

  • Dose 1: Given on the first day of vaccination, as scheduled with a doctor;
  • Dose 2: Given on the 7th day after the first dose is given;
  • Dose 3: Given on the 21st or the 28th day after the first dose is given.
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Medi-Call: Rabies Vaccination Service

In addition to rabies vaccination for travel, be careful and be cautious around animals, especially if they look sick or aggressive. Do not feed or try to attract the attention of wild animals to come to you because being near wild animals can certainly be risky. While traveling, avoid direct contact with wild animals, especially stray dogs in developing countries. Get rabies vaccination for travel through rabies vaccination service on Medi-Call Application or simply contact Medi-Call Hotline at +62 81210783387. A doctor will come directly to your location and perform the vaccination.


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