Rabies Symptoms in Animals: Why does Rabies Make Animals Aggressive?

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Why does rabies make animals aggressive? It is one of the common questions when it comes to rabies in animals. The fact that animals turn out to be aggressive is one of the symptoms of rabies.

Rabies is an acute infection in central nervous system caused by the rabies virus. It generally attacks wild animal populations, such as bats, dogs, cats, raccoons, and foxes. Rabies also attacks pets like cats and dogs. Furthermore, rabies affects humans because it is a zoonotic disease which can be transmitted from animals to humans. If humans are positive affected by rabies, it can be cured by giving immunogulobin (serum) or rabies vaccine. You should immediately go to a doctor to get the vaccine. Giving serum or vaccine aims to help the body fight the virus that causes infections in the brain and nervous system.

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Animals with rabies will experience change of behaviour for example they turn out to be aggressive. Why is it so? Why does rabies make animals aggressive? Before going further into the reason why does rabies make animals aggressive, you might be wondering how can rabies virus attack the body.

How can rabies virus attack the body?

When the rabies virus attack the body, the virus will automatically use other cells as a breeding ground. It will then rupture, tear open, and spread outward causing infection in more cells.

The symptoms shown at this early stage are similar to the flu, such as fever, cold, and fatigue.

In fact, at this stage, the virus has managed to reach the spinal cord and brain which has caused damage to the brain. As a result, the brain will then experience inflammation caused by encephalitis. This infects brain cells and changes the way the brain works. Furthermore, it affects several areas of the brain that cause aggression and affects certain nerve receptors. 

For that matter, vaccination is very important to give to a dog or other pets because there is no lifestyle or food that can prevent pets affected by rabies other than using vaccines. It’s also important for the pet owners to get rabies vaccine. You can get rabies vaccine at Medi-Call by booking a doctor through Medi-Call Application or simply contact Medi-Call Hotline.

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What are rabies symptoms in animals?

For pet owners like dogs, this is certainly something to be worried about. Animals with rabies usually will show aggressive symptoms such as opening mouth frequently, drooling saliva, and easy to bite or scratch anyone who approaches it. That’s why humans should stay away from animals with rabies to prevent suffering from rabies.

Animals with rabies will experience changes in behavior, including:

  • anxiety;
  • lethargy;
  • loss of appetite;
  • disorientation;
  • paralysis;
  • seizures;
  • even sudden death.
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In addition to the symptoms, other severe symptoms that are typical of rabies are animals with rabies potentially will be aggressive. In other words, they tend to be more aggressive than usual. Then, what makes them to be aggressive

Why does rabies make animals aggressive?

One of rabies symptoms in animals is the animals turn out to be more aggressive. What makes them to be aggressive?

Animals with rabies generally will have unusual behavior such as anxiety and fear of water and light. Because of this fear, animals with rabies tend to be more aggressive to attack. Moreover, they will have a change in behaviour; be aggressive than usual. 

In other words, why there’s a change of behaviour with these animals?

Because rabies virus attacks animal’s brain which makes animals experience change in behaviour into aggressive.

In addition, World Health Organization (WHO) shows that children under 15 have a greater risk of developing rabies and are more likely to be bitten by dogs that have rabies. Not only dogs, cats also seem to potentially transmit the rabies virus. They will be more aggressive towards something, scratching more often and even experience paralysis.

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