24 Hours Doctor Call Service is Available to Help at Home

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24 hours doctor call is now considered a common service in the health industry.

In this digital era, 24 hours doctor call helps patients to get medical treatment at any time. There are many health facilities that are open 24 hours a day to help patients in need. However, sometimes patients have trouble getting to the location, for example when patients are in weak condition or when they need urgent medical help at night. Going to a 24-hour health facility at night can be a problem, especially when the patient has trouble finding public transportation that is still operating or when they don’t have anyone as a companion and they are too weak to go alone. Thankfully, Medi-Call’s 24 hours doctor call service is available for patients to get medical examinations at their home. Use Medi-Call application to get 24 hours doctor call service at any time, in the comfort of your home.

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Medi-Call: 24-Hour Doctor Service

24 Hours Doctor Call

A person can get sick at any time, for example, people can suddenly get allergies, headaches, or fever. Other diseases can also occur during unexpected times, for example at late night or early morning when people have little to no time to go to a hospital. In addition, technology provides many benefits to help people get health facilities more easily. Therefore, 24 hours doctor call service is created and designed to bring doctors to perform examinations directly at the patient’s home at any time.

Book a Doctor at Any Time Using Medi-Call Application

If you need immediate medical treatment or look for a general practitioner, Medi-Call provides various medical services directly at your location, one of them is 24 hours doctor call service. Currently, Medi-Call services are available in big cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali, etc. In addition to providing home medical services, patients can also consult with a doctor using Medi-Call application. Other Medi-Call services include doctor and nurse visit, caregiver, baby care services, physiotherapy, for further information, please visit the Medi-Call website page.

Below are the steps to order request a doctor to your location on Medi-Call application:

  1. Open the Medi-Call application;
  2. Choose doctor services;
  3. Fill in location details;
  4. Click request;
  5. Fill in the patient’s profile and illness complaints;
  6. Click the request button;
  7. Customer can see a brief profile of the doctor before requesting an order;

The application will automatically recommend a Medi-Call doctor partner closest to you as well as the estimated price. After making a request, Medi-Call’s doctor partner will immediately come to the location and examine the patient. In addition to using the application, ordering doctor services can also be done by contacting the Medi-Call call center and the nearest doctor will come to your location. Besides comfort and time efficiency, the following are the benefits of using Medi-Call services:

  1. 24 hours doctor call service is available and ready to come to your location at any time.
  2. Transparent price without admin fee.
  3. Trusted, experienced, and licensed doctors.
  4. Doctor services are integrated with other Medi-Call services, such as nurses, baby care, caregivers, midwives, and physiotherapists.
Medi-Call: 24-Hour Medical Personnel to Your Location

Booking a doctor directly to your location at any time is now easier by using Medi-Call application or simply contact Medi-Call Hotline. It’s simple, efficient, and available for 24 hours.

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