Avoid Sunburn While Traveling, Sun Exposure Can Lead to Skin Damage

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Avoid sunburn while traveling to prevent any skin damage, as extreme contact with sunlight can contribute to skin cancers.

Getting a sunburn is often experienced by people traveling in areas with a hot climate, especially if they spend a lot of time in the outdoors, for example the beaches. Tourists often sunbathe on the beach to get a tanned skin during their vacation. However, sometimes they don’t use sunscreen and end up having a sunburn instead of a tanned skin. Sunburn does not always affect everyone, some people are more likely to have this condition. There are also factors that make sunburn develop faster in a person. These factors include the person’s skin type, length of sun exposure, and sun’s intensity. A person  with fair or pale skin usually gets red sooner than someone with olive or dark skin. For this reason, tourists should try to avoid sunburn while traveling to prevent having skin damage.

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What is Sunburn?

Sunburn is a condition caused by excessive ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. This condition can damage the skin and the person will feel itchy, pain, and a burning sensation. In addition, extreme and frequent sunburn can be a risk factor for skin cancer. Your skin will eventually burn if it’s exposed to the sun for a long period of time. Sunburn will turn your skin red and irritated. This condition can cause the skin to peel off after a few days and then improve and heal after one week. In some cases, sunburn can be caused by prolonged exposure to artificial rays that contain ultraviolet (UV), such as the light in a tanning machine. The signs of sunburn in each individual is different, depending on the factors mentioned before. For people with pale white skin, 15 minutes of exposure to intense sunlight can immediately cause sunburn, whereas olive, brown, and dark skinned people can tolerate light for hours. Before doing activities in the outdoors or before sunbathing on the beach, make sure to avoid sunburn while traveling so you won’t get skin problems.

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How To Avoid Sunburn While Traveling

Having a sunburn can be really uncomfortable, a fun holiday on the beach can be ruined because of sunburned skin. To prevent this condition, travelers can do some efforts in order to avoid sunburn while traveling, for example by staying indoors if the sun feels too hot outside. The following are some other tips that you can do to avoid sunburn while traveling:

  • Use sunscreen

To protect your skin from sunburn, you need a sun protection cream or sunscreen. Use a sun protection cream with minimum SPF 15 to avoid sunburn while traveling. You must apply sunscreen 15 minutes before exposure to sunlight and e-apply it after sweating or after your skin is exposed to water.

  • Stay indoors to avoid direct sun exposure

If the sun feels too hot, staying indoors from 11 AM to 2 PM is the best way to avoid sunburn while traveling. Travelers can start doing outdoor activities when the weather starts to cool down a little.

  • Wear a hat

Travelers can use a hat with a wide edge, the hat can protect part of your face, neck and ears. 

  • Wear sunglasses

In addition to using sunscreen and a hat, you can also wear sunglasses that have UV protection so your face and eyes can be protected from the sun.

  • Wear long sleeves clothes

Wearing clothes with long sleeves can also be an alternative way to avoid sunburn while traveling. In addition, travelers can also wear clothes that have Ultraviolet Protection Factors (UPF), so your skin can be completely protected from the effects of sunlight.

  • Use a patio umbrella

If you plan to stay outside, you can use a patio umbrella as a shade to protect you from sunlight. You can sit under a patio umbrella during your relaxing time at the beach when the sun feels too strong. This way, you will be protected from getting sunburned.

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