Rabies Vaccine and Anti Rabies Serum in Bali, Which Works Faster?

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Anti Rabies Serum in Bali is one of the prevention and treatment to avoid rabies with health measures if dog bites occur. 

Bali is well-known for a very high value-for-money-ratio. Travelers across the world often visit Bali for traveling. However, Bali has not been free from Rabies so far because most of the stray dogs population in Bali is still vulnerable to the rabies virus. Travelers who are going to choose Bali as their traveling destination need to prevent themselves from rabies. One of the most effective ways is by injecting rabies vaccine and anti rabies serum in Bali. Nevertheless, what is exactly the difference between rabies vaccine and anti rabies serum? Which one works faster?

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Rabies Vaccine in Bali

Rabies, apparently still become one of the threats in Bali. Rabies vaccine is one of the common treatments to avoid rabies after being bitten by an animal suspected of carrying the rabies virus. This vaccine serves to stimulate rabies virus neutralizing antibodies. The dosage of vaccine given after being bitten by an animal suspected of carrying the rabies virus in each person can be different.

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So, how and when to get rabies vaccine?

The vaccine is given by injection into the muscles around the upper arm (deltoid) or thigh. Generally, vaccines are given 4 times to people who have never been vaccinated, in a 21 day period. Whereas for people who have received vaccines, they are only given twice in a 3 day period. Someone who will carry out high-risk activities exposed to the rabies virus is also recommended to receive additional vaccines before undergoing activities. 

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Anti Rabies Serum in Bali

Anti rabies serum is a serum that is used as a passive immunization for people who have bite wounds, claw wounds, or are at risk of contracting rabies virus. It contains specific immunoglobulin taken from human donor blood plasma or horse serum that has been given high doses of immunization. Therefore, anti rabies serum is often called rabies immunoglobulin which is usually given coincides with rabies vaccine. Since 1959, WHO has recommended the administration of rabies vaccine combined with anti rabies serum as part of post-bite treatment.

How’s the dosage of anti rabies serum?

There is no specific regulation on how many anti rabies serum volumes must be injected by infiltration in the wound area. Injecting the entire dose by infiltration around the wound is more useful in preventing mortality than intramuscular injection. Generally, the dosage of anti rabies serum in adults and children is 20 IU / kgBW. It takes about 7-10 days for the body to form enough antibodies after having anti rabies serum. For that matter, when the contact occurs, patients should be given anti rabies serum as a passive immunization.

According to WHO, indication of anti rabies serum is divided into three categories:

  1. Single or multiple bite or scratch wounds by animals suspected of having rabies (animals that have never been vaccinated, appear to be sick, bites occur without provocation)
  2. Exposure to saliva on the wound or mucous membrane by rabies suspected animals
  3. Direct contact with bats

Bear in mind the importance of getting rabies vaccine and anti rabies serum in Bali. It is recommended for travelers to get rabies vaccine and anti rabies serum in Bali if you plan to visit Bali. You can get anti rabies serum in Bali by booking a doctor at Medi-Call Call Center. Or you can get rabies vaccine to your location through Medi-Call application on your mobile phone.

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Rabies Vaccine and Anti Rabies Serum, Which Works Faster?

Rabies vaccine takes enough time to heal. If the sufferers only get rabies vaccines to overcome rabies, it’s too late to prevent the spread of the rabies virus in the body because the vaccine only induces our immunity after 7 days, and only reaches maximum levels after 14 days, even though the virus has begun to spread to the body from the beginning. In other words, it is not effective if the sufferers only get the vaccine to overcome rabies. 

Then, how do sufferers protect themselves from the spread of the rabies virus before 7 days?

Someone who is infected by rabies is necessary to get anti rabies serum after the rabies vaccine is being injected. Anti rabies serum contains antibodies to the rabies virus which works immediately after being injected, while the anti-rabies vaccine contains rabies antigens that stimulate the body to produce these antibodies. For that matter, anti rabies serum works faster than rabies vaccine. However, both rabies vaccine and anti rabies serum works effectively to overcome rabies.


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