Beware of Typhoid in Bali, How Long is Typhoid Vaccine Good for?

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How long is typhoid vaccine good for? This is one of the common questions once people plan to get this vaccine, especially in Bali.

Typhoid vaccine is a way to prevent typhoid infection. However, there are still many people, especially in Bali who still have lack of knowledge of typhoid disease. Typhoid is an acute infection that attacks the digestive tract caused by Salmonella Thypi bacteria. The source of transmission from typhoid is from food and drinks that have been contaminated by the bacteria. Good sanitation and food hygiene standards are key to typhoid endemic control, but the improvement is very slow in remote areas. Unequal health workers in remote areas and increasing resistance to antibiotics also make it difficult to control typhoid fever if they only rely on antibiotics. You might be wondering how long is this vaccine of good for. Take a look at this article for further information about typhoid and its vaccine.

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Vaccine of Typhoid

Vaccines for treating typhoid fever have actually been known for quite a long time. Vaccine of typhoid is commonly found in endemic areas (areas where the disease is often spread). It’s not only effective in protecting vaccinated individuals from typhoid fever, the family and the surrounding environment could also benefit from this vaccine.

Most people think vaccines are given to children to adults, moreover, foreigners who are going to visit Indonesia are recommended to get this vaccine.

There are certain conditions and times that are recommended to get this vaccine:

  • School-age children
  • Travelers who frequently travel to endemic areas.
  • Those who have family members who have typhus.
  • Medical staff or laboratories working around typhoid patients.
  • Culinary workers (which deal with food and drinks)

In addition, this vaccine isn’t recommended for people who have a severe allergic reaction to a history of previous vaccines of typhoid; pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, people undergoing antibiotic therapy, people who have weak immune systems (HIV / AIDS), and people with system disorders immune or suffering from cancer, or in cancer treatment.

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How long is typhoid vaccine good for?

The most important prevention principle is by having  vaccine of typhoid, so that they do not become carriers for their closest. Equally important are the provision of clean water, the distance of a septic tank with a water source more than 10m, maintaining healthy food and drinks, washing hands with soap and running water, especially before meals, and don’t forget to give this vaccine to yourself or your loved ones for preventative way.

Some people or travelers might be wondering how long is vaccine of typhoid good for. The effectiveness of this vaccine plays a fairly high role in preventing typhoid infections, that is 50-80%. Even after being vaccinated, make sure to maintain environmental hygiene and eat healthy food and drinks.

In addition, Indonesia is a typhoid endemic area. As a matter of fact, the case of typhoid disease is still high every year. For that matter, for travelers who plan to visit Indonesia or other countries that are at high risk of typhoid disease, it is recommended for you to consult a doctor and get yourself an injection of this vaccine for safe prevention. You can get this vaccine at Medi-Call by contacting them at Medi-Call hotline or if you might be curious with Medi-Call’s other services, you can immediately go download Medi-Call application on your smartphone.

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The Dosage

The dosage of this vaccine depends on the type of vaccine. Generally, there are three vaccines of typhoid; polysaccharide injection vaccine, conjugated vaccine, and combination vaccine.

  • Oral Vaccine: Vivotive Berna

4 doses of oral vaccine is given one tablet per day with an interval of 48 hours for the next dose. Booster is given every 5 years. Both children and adults get the same dosage.

  • Polysaccharide Injection Vaccine: Typhim Vi Sanofi Pasteur and Typherix GSK

Typhoid injection vaccine dose is as much as 1 dose (0.5 mL). It is given intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle. Booster is given every 2 years. Still, both children and adults get the same dosage.

  • Typhoid Conjugate Vaccine (TCV) Typhoid Injection

For TCV (Typhoid conjugate vaccine) vaccine, WHO recommends 0.5 mL of a single dose of TCV in infants from 6 months to 45 years of age.  Both children and adults get the same dosage.

Bear in mind the importance of this vaccine, especially for certain people. Medi-Call presents a special offer to those of you who want to get vaccine of typhoid. Get this special offer by contacting us at Medi-Call hotline.

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