Before Traveling Abroad, Get to Know the Required Vaccination for Travel

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Required vaccination for travel is necessary for travelers planning to go on vacation to other countries as prevention against certain diseases during the trip.

Going on a vacation and traveling to other countries should be a fun experience, especially if it spent with friends and family. However, it can be a problem if you get sick during the trip because of bacteria or viruses. During your trip, you will meet many people and there’s a chance that some of them might carry viruses. The location of your trip can also create concern for many travelers, as it might be vulnerable to certain diseases and travelers could be infected. Furthermore, you should do research about the climate and weather of your destination so you will know what to prepare. Differences in weather, culture, and food in foreign countries that you visit may cause the transmission of viruses and bacteria because your body doesn’t have the immunity to prevent it yet. Therefore, travelers must ensure that they get appropriate and required vaccination for travel before traveling abroad.

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Vaccines are antigenic substances that are used to produce active immunity against a disease, caused by bacteria or viruses, to prevent or reduce the effect of infection. Vaccines are products derived from bacteria, viruses or a combination of both which have been weakened first. Giving vaccines is one of the efforts to prevent certain illnesses. Some countries have a high risk of transmitting or spreading infectious diseases. This is why they require people coming to their country to have an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP) and travelers must get the required vaccination for travel.

The required vaccination for travel that you need to take before traveling depends on the following factors:

  • Where you will travel
  • When you will travel
  • Activities that you will be doing
  • History of vaccination or immunization
  • Your health condition

People who have a weak immune system are vulnerable to get infected with viruses. It’s important to ensure that you are in a healthy and fit condition during the trip.

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The Required Vaccination For Travel

To ensure that you are prevented from viruses and bacteria during your vacation, you can do some preparation before traveling, for example, try to maintain your health by adopting a healthy lifestyle. In addition, for travelers planning to travel abroad, the first step is to consult with a doctor to get the right vaccine. The doctor will check your vaccination history to find out whether there is anything that needs to be updated. You may consult with the nearest Medi-Call doctor to get a travel vaccination with the doctor’s recommendation. 

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Travel vaccine is a vaccine given to individuals when they are traveling abroad. It is intended as a preventative measure and self-protection from the spreading of foreign viruses, therefore giving a travel vaccine is highly suggested. The procedure of required vaccination for travel must follow the doctor’s advice, below are some vaccines that will be given to travelers going abroad:

1. Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a vaccine recommended for travelers who will travel to developing countries where there are many problems with waterways and food hygiene. Provision of hepatitis A should be done 2 weeks before the time of departure, with a duration of protection for the next year.

2. Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B will be given to travelers traveling to countries with high potential for hepatitis B transmission or travelers who have sexual or blood contact. This travel vaccine is needed when you plan to travel to South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central Asian countries.

3. Polio

The polio vaccine is recommended for those traveling to countries that are at high risk from the polio outbreak. Polio vaccine is needed when you’re traveling to countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Syria, and Cameroon.

4. Yellow Fever Vaccine

Yellow fever vaccine is a mandatory vaccine that must be given to travelers who want to travel to African and South American countries.

5. Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Japanese encephalitis vaccine is a vaccine given for protection from brain infections. The administration of this vaccine is recommended for travelers who will stay for approximately 1 month in countries such as Nepal, India, and China, Vietnam and Pakistan.

6. Rabies Vaccine

The rabies vaccine is given to those traveling to areas with a high risk of rabies exposure, such as developing countries in Asia and Africa, to prevent transmission of the rabies virus. Travelers in Bali are suggested to get the rabies vaccine because many rabies cases on the island are caused by dog bites.

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The administration of travel vaccines is adjusted according to the country you are about to visit, the duration of stay in that country, activities during the stay, age and also health condition. Use Medi-Call application or contact Medi-Call Hotline at +62 81210783387 to get the required vaccination for travel through vaccination service at your location.

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