Medical Treatment to Your Location Through Online Doctor Visit Service

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Online doctor visit is a great alternative when it comes to urgent medical needs, especially in this digital era where everything can be done instantly.

Nowadays, gadgets and the internet are very attached to everyday human life. People use the internet not only to get information but also to get a variety of products and services where everything is done online. Health services in various countries, including Indonesia, have also followed the online trend. One of the most well-known health services is an online doctor visit service. Through this service, patients can book the nearest doctor online through a mobile application and the doctor will come to their home to examine their illness. Not only that, this innovation is also very helpful for patients to get other health services, for example, online doctor consultation.

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Medi-Call: 24-Hour Doctor Service

Easy Way to Get Medical Examination at Home

A person can get sick at any time and diseases can occur during unexpected times, for example, people can suddenly get allergies or headaches late at night. Online doctor visit that aims to provide home visit services for patients in need can be the answer to this problem. An online doctor visit is designed to bring doctors to perform examinations right at patients’ homes. Generally, this service is needed for young children or elderly who are too weak to mobilize to the hospital and in urgent need of medical treatment or examination. Other than that, it is also highly demanded among patients who have trouble finding transportation to reach the hospital or weak patients who are in chronic conditions.

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The main benefit of booking this service is that it’s easy and saves time and cost. It also provides comfort to patients. Online doctor visit service allows patients to adjust appointment time and the examination can be done in the comfort of their home. Furthermore, the city traffic, the difficulty to find time to go to a clinic or hospital, respiratory disorders in children, and heart disease affecting elderly patients are the reasons why this service is highly needed.

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Medi-Call: 24-Hour Doctor Service to Your Location

Online Doctor Visit Service on Medi-Call Application

Medi-Call is a 24-hour home care and home visit online service that provides medical professionals directly to your home. One of the home visit services that Medi-Call offers is a doctor. Moreover, Medi-Call’s doctors are all licensed and officially registered. Get doctor service through Medi-Call application or simply contact Medi-Call Hotline at +62 81210783387.

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