Travelers, These are the Things to Avoid Bali Belly Constipation

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Avoid Bali belly constipation while traveling is a mandatory thing to know for tourists in order to enjoy a vacation in Bali without any disturbance.

Bali is well-known as an Island of Deities in Indonesia. This island is closely related to tourism for its beautiful natural, culture, and art. For travelers, please note that Bali belly constipation often occurs to travelers while traveling in Bali. In general, Bali belly is the term used for traveler’s diarrhea or food poisoning, specifically in Bali. Therefore, it’s important to know things to avoid Bali belly constipation. If you or your travel partner have a history of digestive problems or experienced Bali belly while traveling, you can consult to a doctor through Medi-Call Application to get convenient treatment.

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What is Bali Belly?

Bali belly is the term for stomach and digestive problems usually experienced by tourists or travelers when visiting Bali. Generally, Bali belly occurs due to consumption of contaminated food or drinks caused by bacteria such as e. coli, shigella s and salmonella. Some types of viruses may also cause symptoms similar to Bali belly due to bacteria.

Symptoms of a Bali belly usually begin to occur within 1-10 days. The symptoms include:

Why does Bali Belly Potentially Spread to Travelers?

When visiting a new place, trying local food is one of the activities that are commonly done by most people, including foreign tourists when travelling in Bali. As a matter of fact, Australian tourists often even feel familiar with Bali and its food. Tourists often eat everything they’ve found without concerning the cleanliness of the food place or the food itself.

In addition, the water supply in Indonesia including Bali is not classified as safe for direct consumption, unlike in Australia or America. Indonesia also has a tropical and humid climate which makes the bacteria in food can develop much faster. These two factors are aligned with hygiene factors when the food has been processed, stored, and served. It may not always be optimal having high risk of spreading bacteria even greater. However, avoid Bali Belly constipation is not that hard as long as the travelers pay attention to health.

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How to Avoid Bali Belly Constipation

The following are some tips to avoid Bali belly constipation:

  • Consume mineral water at all times;
  • Always wash hands or use a hand sanitizer before eating;
  • Order drinks without ice (to avoid the risk of ice made using less sterile water);
  • Avoid wash fruits or vegetables using tap water;
  • Pay attention to food consumption. Choose foods that are fresh or freshly cooked instead of foods that have been served for a long time;
  • Avoid consuming undercooked meat.

Generally, Bali belly can last for several hours, a day, up to 4-5 days. It potentially to be contagious, because bacteria and virus can move from person to person through food and water. That is why if you or your travel partner experience Bali belly, you should always maintain cleanliness by washing your hands and not touching your face to prevent transmission. If you follow the tips to avoid Bali belly constipation above, you potentially will have so much fun when traveling in Bali.

If you or your travel partner already experienced Bali belly, you can immediately consult or book a doctor through Medi-Call Application to get IV Therapy treatments. Or if you need to get vitamin for prevention, you can also contact Medi-Call Call Center to get supplements and vitaminsMedi-Call is always ready to come to your location.

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In addition, don’t forget to pay attention to the cleanliness of the place. One more thing to avoid Bali belly constipation is avoiding food place or the restaurant if it is in a wet or less clean condition. Also make sure you choose the food carefully, even though when the price of the food is very cheap, it is better to avoid eating there.


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