Travel Vaccination for Your Trip, Recognize Type of Vaccine Before Travel

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Type of vaccine before travel that is recommended for travelers depends on the area or country they would like to visit.

Vaccinating before traveling is a preventive way of diseases or health problems. The most basic vaccine benefits as a preventive measure is to defend and protect against infections and various serious diseases. Vaccine is generally a type of product or material used to produce the immune system from various types of diseases. Vaccine can be given in the form of injections, oral, or aerosol (inhaled substance) which contains biological products and parts of viruses or bacteria that have been weakened. Travelers who often visit from one place to another are required to get a vaccine. They need to know what type of vaccine before travel so they can prevent certain diseases in certain areas because traveling to new places increases the risk of being infected by diseases as there are diseases that are only affected in certain areas. Bear in mind that vaccines are not only intended for children but also for adults. If necessary, you can get a vaccine to your location at Medi-Call. Book a doctor through Medi-Call application on your smartphone or you can contact Medi-Call hotline.

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Type of Vaccine Before Travel

Before traveling, you are advised to get vaccines which are injections that are usually given to tourists before visiting certain areas. Vaccine is the best self-protection from serious diseases that you might be able to be infected while traveling. This is usually recommended especially for those who want to travel areas at high risk of certain diseases, such as bird flu in China, chikungunya in the Caribbean. Another example is when pilgrimages go to Mecca, they are usually required to get meningitis vaccine or when you plan to visit Africa and South America, it is advisable to carry out yellow fever vaccine. For that matter, here are the type of vaccine before travel:

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  • Hepatitis A and B Vaccine

This vaccine is one of the common type of vaccine before travel that is recommended to travelers. It is most recommended for those who want to travel to developing countries with poor food sanitation and hygiene, or endemic areas of hepatitis A and hepatitis B.

  • Yellow Fever Vaccine

If you want to visit certain areas in Africa (Europe, Sudan, Nigeria) or South America, it is recommended for you to get a yellow fever vaccine. As a matter of fact, this vaccine is required by WHO for people who want to visit those areas because there are still many mosquitoes that carry the yellow fever virus in those countries.

  • Typhoid Vaccine

Typhoid vaccine is the mandatory type of vaccine before travel that travelers have to get if the focus is on culinary tourism. In many developing countries, such as South America, Africa and parts of Asia, typhoid is caused by bacteria that can be found in food and drinks. That’s why typhoid fever vaccines are needed to minimize the risk of contracting the disease while traveling.

  • Influenza Vaccine

Influenza virus easily spreads through the air. The risk of being infected by this virus can be minimized by taking influenza vaccine. For that matter, by getting influenza vaccine, you will be protected from influenza virus that can bother your activity while traveling.

  • Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine

Japanese Encephalitis can be found in some countries, like in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, China, and Vietnam. This virus causes inflammation of the brain. Therefore, people who will stay in those areas for at least one month, travelers who visit less than one month, or who will carry out outdoor activities as needed, are required to get the Japanese Encephalitis vaccine.

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Before deciding to get a vaccine, it is better to discuss and get a recommendation from a doctor about the type of vaccine before travel. What you also need to know is to find out the history of vaccines that you have done earlier. Make sure that you have already got the mandatory type of vaccine before travel.


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