How Important is Typhoid Vaccine for Adults While Traveling?

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Typhoid vaccine for adults is a way to prevent typhoid disease infection, especially for travelers who plan to visit endemic areas.

Sort of activity like traveling, vacation, adventure, or picnics which involves yourself with the activity of meeting with many people in a ‘new’ place is indeed very fun as well as being careful. Why travelers need to be careful? The threat of disease is greater when traveling in a new place and being acquainted with people from various countries. For this reason, travelers need to get typhoid vaccine for adults before traveling to a new place. One thing to remember, vaccines are not only intended for children but also for adults.

It is important for travelers to pay attention to the country that will be visited by looking further the country weather, the disease that potentially occurs to travelers, and knowing the right vaccine to prevent it. For example, before going to Mecca for the Hajj, pilgrims are usually required to vaccinate or immunize meningitis, or anyone who goes to Africa and South America will be advised to carry out yellow fever immunization. Another example is if you are about to travel tropical country, it is recommended for you to get typhoid vaccine for adults as prevention. Typhoid generally caused by bacteria that can be found in food and drinks. You can get typhoid vaccine for adults or children by calling a doctor through Medi-Call Application or contact Medi-Call hotline at +62 81210783387.

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Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever occurs due to infection of Salmonella typhi bacteria in the body. Quoted from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), this disease is recorded to attack about 21 million people per year worldwide, and caused the death of 200,000 people. Fortunately, this disease can be prevented by injecting typhoid vaccine to the sufferers. The transmission of typhoid is from food and drinks that have been contaminated by Salmonella typhi bacteria. Sufferers usually experience symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle ache, nauseous vomit, loss of appetite, diarrhea and constipation. Sufferers generally feel those symptoms suddenly or gradually for 10-14 days. People who experience mild symptoms can get treatment at home (outpatient). Meanwhile, if the symptoms are quite severe, the patient must get treatment at the hospital. If it is not, the infection spreads to the joints, bladder, kidneys, to the brain.

If you often indiscriminate meals and your immune system is decreasing while traveling, you could potentially have typhoid fever. Children may be more susceptible to typhoid fever because the immune system is not as strong as adults or it could be because children are less able to maintain cleanliness when they’re eating. For that matter, if you’re going to travel with children, pay attention to their health and condition. Fortunately, this disease can be prevented by getting typhoid vaccine for adults injections. Typhoid vaccine for adults is recommended for travelers, especially when they plan to visit tropical country.

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Typhoid Vaccine for Adults

In many developing countries, such as South America, Africa and parts of Asia, typhoid has potential to occur. For that matter, typhoid vaccine for adults is important to minimize the risk of contracting the disease while traveling. This is one of the way to prevent typhoid disease infection while traveling. The effectiveness of typhoid vaccine for adults plays a fairly high role in preventing typhoid infections which is 50-80%, based on Ministry of Health RI Typhoid Control Guidelines. Meanwhile, typhoid vaccine for adults is known to provide protection of 60-70% in children over 5 years and adults. Although it aims to prevent typhoid transmission, there are still other factors that must be ensured that is cleanliness. For that reason, make sure you and your family maintain environmental hygiene and food consumed even after receiving the vaccine while traveling. Especially food and drinks that are healthy and guaranteed clean. Indonesia is a typhoid endemic area, meaning that the incidence of typhoid is still high every year. 

There are some people who are really required to get this vaccine, including:

  • People who work in the laboratory and handle Salmonella typhi bacteria.
  • Work or travel in endemic areas (transmission of disease is quite high).
  • Have close contact with typhoid fever patients.
  • Living in an environment where water or soil is at risk of bacterial contamination.

There are two types of typhoid vaccines for adults and children:

  • Parenteral polysaccharide typhoid vaccine (Vi Polysaccharide vaccine)

This vaccine is given at the age of 2 years and over by injecting intramuscularly or subcutaneously. It is repeated every 3 years.

  • Oral typhoid vaccine (Ty21a vaccine)

This vaccine is given at the age of 6 years and over in 3 doses. Each dose is given a gap of 2 days (days 1, 3 and 5). The fourth vaccine can be given on the 7th day especially for tourists. It is taken one hour before meals with a drink <37 °C. The vaccine should not be given concurrently with antibiotic treatment. It is given every 5 years. This vaccine, however, is not available in Indonesia.

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Side Effects of Typhoid Vaccine for Adults

Just like other medicines, vaccines also cause side effects. Generally, the side effects caused after the vaccine is given are not too serious. But this certainly can vary depending on the response of each body. The side effects are mild enough so that sufferers have no problem receiving this inject or oral typhoid vaccine for adults. However, problems arising from typhoid vaccine for adults are very rare. 

Some possible side effects include:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Rashes and swelling in the area of ​​the injected skin. An estimated 1 of 15 sufferers experience it.

To avoid dangerous side effects, make sure sufferers are healthy when they are about to inject typhoid vaccine for adults. Typhoid vaccine can be delayed if you have a fever or have an infection.

Typhoid vaccine for adults or oral vaccine injections will not be given to people who are likely to experience severe side effects, such as:

  • People who have had this vaccine allergy 
  • People with weakened immune systems, such as people with HIV / AIDS and cancer
  • People undergoing certain medications, such as chemotherapy, radiation, or taking steroid medicine
  • Children who have not met the recommended age
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For that reason, before you plan to get typhoid vaccine for adults injection, consult to a doctor first. Tell your doctor about your medical history. Bear in mind the importance of this typhoid vaccine before you plan to travel. Medi-Call offers for those of you who want to consult to a professional doctor. Get this offer by contacting Medi-Call hotline at +62 81210783387.


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